Superlative: Hakim El Kadri of Elka Watch Co.


  • Hakim El Kadiri, the Founder of Elka Watch Co., recently appeared on the Superlative podcast with aBlogtoWatch Founder Ariel Adams.
  • El Kadiri discussed the inspiration behind the brand name, which is his childhood nickname.
  • The discussion also covered Elka Watch Co.’s collaboration with Ace Jewelers and their Diversity Series, which features four watches with different numeric scripts on the dial to celebrate diversity.
  • El Kadiri talked about his experience creating custom watches for movies during his time at Hamilton watches and how it influenced his approach to founding his own brand.

Ted’s Take:

Looks like Hakim El Kadiri of Elka Watch Co. had quite the chat with Ariel Adams on the Superlative podcast. They covered everything from childhood nicknames to custom watches for movies. It’s always interesting to hear about the inspirations behind watch brands and the creative processes that go into their designs. Plus, who doesn’t love a watch that celebrates diversity? It’s a great way to showcase different cultural influences and make a stylish statement at the same time. Kudos to Elka Watch Co. for their innovation and collaboration with Ace Jewelers. Keep an eye out for their unique timepieces!

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