Tudor Pelagos 39 Wins Best Sports Watch at 2023 GPHG Awards


  • The Tudor Pelagos 39 won the coveted Best Sports Watch prize at the 2023 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG).
  • The watch is praised for its sleek titanium case, robust in-house movement, and functional design.
  • Tudor has a legacy of excellence at the GPHG and has consistently won awards over the past eleven years.
  • Sports watches like the Tudor Pelagos 39 have gained popularity in the luxury market due to their functionality, durability, and elegance.
  • Bob’s Watches offers a collection of Tudor Pelagos watches that embody excellence and invites customers to explore their selection.
  • The Tudor Pelagos 39’s triumph at the GPHG is a celebration of Tudor’s legacy in crafting exceptional timepieces.

Ted’s Take:

The Tudor Pelagos 39 won the Best Sports Watch prize at the GPHG awards, and it’s not hard to see why. With its sleek design and robust movement, this watch is a winner in both style and functionality. Tudor has a history of excellence at the GPHG, and their consistent recognition is a testament to their commitment to perfection. Sports watches are all the rage in the luxury market, and the Tudor Pelagos 39 is no exception. Its ability to withstand extreme conditions while maintaining elegance makes it a favorite among watch enthusiasts. Bob’s Watches offers a collection of these exceptional timepieces, and I can’t wait to add one to my collection. The Tudor Pelagos 39’s victory at the GPHG is a cause for celebration, and I’m ready to raise a glass to Tudor’s legacy in watchmaking.

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