Gadgets Digest for 11/20/23

Tech-tastic Gadgets and Gear

Between high-fidelity sound snuggled in your ears and mega-tanks of ink ready to go the distance, it’s clear that technology has come a long way from playing Snake on a Nokia 3310. Let’s dive into some of the gadgets and gear that might turn your pockets inside out with excitement or have you consider selling a vital organ—kidding, please don’t. The Canon MAXIFY GX1020 is here to make you believe true love is real, with 3,000 pages of ink and touchscreen sweetness. Meanwhile, the Earfun Free Pro 3 and QRD Stellar T5 might just marry your auditory and gaming worlds with their souped-up features. And if your fingers are itching for a clickety-clack symphony, let’s give a slow clap for the Logitech Pebble 2 Combo. Coming in pink, graphite, and white, it’s the keyboard-mouse team-up worthy of your most dramatic slow-motion entrance. Oh, but let’s not forget to tie up the sneakers and take a jog with the 5.11 Maxgrip Trainer Shoe. They might not be ideal for running, but hey, they could make for a stable and stylish paperweight!

Cutting-Edge Creations and Kickstarters

If you’re the kind who’s allergic to the mundane and has a thirst for the new-fangled, this batch of innovational news will have you salivating like Pavlov’s tech-savvy pooch. The xTool Screen Printer is bursting onto the scene with lasers (pew, pew!), kicking traditional screen printing to the curb. This Kickstarter darling is making waves and might just be your new go-to toy for zapping masterpieces onto every surface imaginable. Not to be outdone, the MeloAudio K7 Air Conduction Headphones are here to surprise your wallet and your ears with their budget-friendly grooves. Get ready to marathon your favorite tunes with an open-ear design that arguably makes every other earbud sound like it’s trapped in a tin can. Just remember, while your pockets may thank you, don’t go blasting those beats loud enough for your inner ear follicles to unionize.

The Corporate Shuffle and Discount Hustle

Grab your popcorn, folks, because let me tell you, the corporate world’s dramas rival any soap opera out there. Sam Altman’s rollercoaster relationship with OpenAI has taken yet another dramatic twist with his vanishment from the CEO chair. It’s got the staff staging a walkout, competitor poaching attempts, and—oh, the suspense!—what will happen to the beloved AI projects like GPT-5? Meanwhile, Kyle Vogt’s dance as CEO of Cruise has come to an end, and it’s exit stage left for him, as General Motors tap dances Mo Elshenawy into the spotlight. But let’s move away from the corporate cha-cha-cha and shimmy on over to the discount dazzle happening across the tech sphere. If you’ve been after some Vosteed EDC knives (because who isn’t?), you’re in luck with some snazzy Thanksgiving sales. And for those habitually losing their keys or fur babies, Apple AirTags have you covered for less dough this Black Friday. As for gaming munchkins, Nintendo’s entering the discount ring with some hefty haymakers. So, get those shopping muscles ready because it’s gonna be a doozy!

Cyber Life Hacks and Gaming Galore

Ah, the digital lifestyle—full of e-mysteries and virtual conundrums. Fear not, for I come bearing the digital scrolls of wisdom. Should creating a Gmail account feel akin to cracking the Enigma code, here’s a step-by-step guide so easy a caveman could do it (assuming they had Wi-Fi in the Stone Age). A-HA moment incoming—you can still add non-Amazon treasures to your Wishlist. And for those gaming aficionados, it looks like someone’s trying to one-up the Joycon gods with a turbo-charged QRD Stellar T5 controller that might just have you feeling like a pro gamer. Plus, we’ve got quite the deal on a foldable, totable projector for next-level movie nights. Meanwhile, Apple’s playing Santa with their shiny Apple Watch. You’ve got apps resurrecting from the digital beyond and tricks to keep your Amazon Fire TV Stick from throwing tantrums. This is some seriously good stuff—I’m smiling so much, I might need to see a cyber dentist soon.

Smart Style and Screen-Time

Let’s jazz up the conversation with a dash of smart style and all things screen-time! The holiday season’s upon us and if you’re looking for wearable gear gift ideas that shout “I love you” in binary code, we’ve got some tech-tastic suggestions that’ll slap those knitted sweaters’ feelings right off their yarn. From the Backcountry GOAT Fleece for those aspiring to be the Greatest Of All Time at staying warm to the Apple bands keeping wrists stylishly punctual, there’s a treasure trove of gift ideas. Now, speaking of screens, Groview projectors are doling out deals that might make you see your favorite flicks in a whole new light—literally. But if you’re team “tiny screen, huge dreams,” the Apple Watch SE is dancing into the spotlight with a price tag that’ll have you reconsidering those latte budgets. Then there are the pixels of a different kind, brought to life by enthusiastic fans at college bowl games. Just imagine thousands of fans lifting colored cards in sync—it’s like a giant human Lite-Brite! Lastly, hold your applause for the best Black Friday tech deals of 2023, which might just have you camping outside of stores or practicing your fastest clicking finger marathon.

Air Born Wonders and Digital Journeys

Skimming the skies and surfing the digital waves, who knew our intrepid spirits could be so high-flying and byte-sized at the same time! We’ve got Lenovo Legion Glasses giving us virtual reality while remaining absolutely fashionable—you might just forget it’s all pixels and trickery. Then there’s our digital buddy, the DJI Mini 4 Pro, which is more than just a drone—it’s a pocket-sized companion that whispers, “Let’s soar through the air, capturing memories and occasionally freaking out the neighbors.” It’s the ‘pro’ move for those of us whose pockets are feeling a tad ambitious. But hang on tight, the journey goes on with an expedition into digital realms—an odyssey of tips for creating Gmail accounts, restoring deleted apps, and finessing your Amazon wish list. It’s like a masterclass in conquering the keyboard and touchpad territory. Who needs to trek across Middle Earth when you can navigate the jungles of the internet from the comfort of your swivel chair?_AI

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