AI Summary for 09/03/23

Top AI Email Assistants for Better Email Management
The article provides an overview and comparison of popular AI email assistants, including SaneBox, InboxPro, Lavender, Missive, Superflows, Superhuman, Scribbly, Tugan, AI Mailer, Nanonets, Flowrite,, Phrasee, Crystal, BEE Pro, Sender, Persado, Automizy, and Polymail. These AI assistants offer various features such as email organization, automation, content generation, and optimization to help users manage their emails more efficiently.

AnomalyGPT: Innovative LVLM Approach for Industrial Anomaly Detection
Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Objecteye Inc., and Wuhan AI Research have introduced AnomalyGPT, a new approach to industrial anomaly detection (IAD) based on large vision-language models (LVLM). AnomalyGPT can detect and localize anomalies in industrial product photographs without manual threshold adjustments, and it allows for multi-round discussions and in-context few-shot learning on new datasets. The researchers achieved high accuracy and AUC scores on the MVTec-AD and VisA databases, demonstrating the effectiveness of their approach.

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